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NEW SONG: “Look Who’s Coming Around”

  Two weeks ago I released a song called “Running Away” where I urged all those who have been bitten by the love bug to “throw caution to the wind and just go for it!” However, there is a pragmatic side to me somewhere in there. The whole process of falling in love is something that […]

This Week’s New Song is #Inevitable

Riley Friesen/Maggie Rose/Jason Walker I have been in Nashville for almost eight years. I moved there in my teens to pursue music with overwhelming support from friends and family and there have been many peaks and valleys along the way. Sometimes people ask me, “How did you know you wanted to be doing music?” and […]

NEW SONG: Listen to #RunningAway

Ok. Let’s get personal. Some of you might know that this past year has been quite the year for me when it comes to my love life. I met THE man of my dreams — the wickedly smart, very goofy, ambitious, handsome ????and funny (I could go on) Austin. When we wrote “Running Away” our […]




Look Who’s Coming Around


Running Away



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